Letters are back…what do I do now?

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college acceptance letterThe letters are back and some students have received good news, others bad or so-so news.  However, if you applied to a range of schools like we suggested, you probably got into one of your safety schools at the very least. Regardless of the response, there are still things you need to do to make sure you have a university to attend this coming fall.

If you received several acceptance letters from schools you want to attend, see below:

1. Heed the deadlines.

– When is the deposit deadline?

– When do you have to submit your final transcript?

2. Visit the campuses.

3. Attend the admit weekends of your top choices.

4. Weigh financial aid packages.

5. Fill out the additional forms.

– These forms can include housing, financial aid, meal plans,  and freshmen orientation.

6. Keep up your grades and don’t jeopardize your acceptance.

If you were wait-listed at your top choice school, see below:

1. Waiting list doesn’t mean just wait

– You need to be proactive. Click here for more information.

2. Heed the deposit deadlines of the schools that have accepted you.

– Don’t miss the deposit deadlines for the schools that have accepted you. There is a chance you might not get off the waiting list, so make sure to make a deposit to your second choice school that admitted you.

You have been accepted to your top choice but need a better financial package, see below:

1. Re-evaluate why this is your top choice.

2. Attend the admit weekend.

3. Ask for more money!

– If a university has funds to give out, they will. Once you receive an acceptance letter, colleges don’t want you to reject them. It ultimately affects their yield, which is the percentage of students who attend after being accepted. Yields are extremely important in a college’s rankings, so if they have money and you need more money, they will give it to you.

However, if you do not ask, they will never know you are seeking more financial aid. You can file an appeal with the financial aid office. For more information, go to How to Get More Financial Aid.

4. Apply to more scholarships


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