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Common Application 2011-2012: Updates and Tips
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University of California system changes: Extends individualized holistic review to all UC schools
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The DO’s and DON’Ts when Receiving a Deferral: The DON’Ts
The DO’s and DON’Ts when Receiving a Deferral: The DO’s
The UCs are a-changin’!
December checklist: Things you need to prepare before you get into hibernation mode
Narrowing the Pool, Part 2: Steps to take to make sure you are in that smaller pool
Narrowing the Pool, Part 1: Identifying your real competition
Increased scrutiny on college applications…what it means for the normal college applicant
Quality vs. Quantity: Showing a quality “demonstrated interest” on your college application
Demonstrated Interest? What does it really mean and why does it help you get into college?
All about college essays: Things to consider when writing the “Special circumstances” additional question
All about college essays: 5 Tips on how to answer the “Describe an experience that illustrates what you would bring to the diversity in a college community.” question
All about college essays: How to answer the “Character that had influence on you” question
All about college essays: Tips on answering the “Issues important to you” essay question