We chose College Of Your Dreams as the name of our organization because of our desire to help students find and get into a college/university that will help them pursue their dreams. Did you know that “of more than 2 million college graduates under the age of 25, 700,000 of them are working a job that don’t require a college degree”? We believe, at a time where unemployment and underemployment are rampant and student debt is increasing,students need to make wise decisions about their education choices and start planning at an early age.  As of 2011, 476:1 is the average ratio of US high school students per guidance counselor and 38 minutes is the total average amount of time a guidance counselor spends per student discussing college admissions. We believe not enough time and resources are dedicated to educating student on college planning. That is why we created College Of Your Dreams.

Our mission is fourfold: to help students discover their strengths and interest, to demystify the admissions and financial aid process, to help them get into the best college/university for their dreams, and to advise them on how they should maximize their college experience.
College Of Your Dreams utilizes the information on its website and free live and online seminars to help achieve this mission.