Waiting list doesn’t mean just wait

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college waitlistThere are two things you should do after you are put on the waiting list at your favorite university. You still have a chance to show the admissions officers that you should be their next prospective freshmen. It is said that due to the financial situation in the economy, there will be more spots opening up for students on the wait list. If a student doesn’t receive a favorable financial aid package, that student might elect to go to a cheaper university even though it wasn’t their first choice. So this year especially is a time for waitlisted students to be “active” in their waiting period. Here are two things you should do:

First, contact the university ASAP. Fast response times can show the admissions officer that this college was your #1 choice not, #3 or 4. It also gives you an opportunity to list or share things that you have done in your senior year that you weren’t able to put on your college application: new classes, sports awards, new honors, new test scores…etc.

Second, do not fall into SENIOR SLUMP. Your grades and extracurriculars could potentially be a determining factor in not taking you off the waiting list. Seniors who let their grades fall and stop participating in their extracurriculars could communicate to the admissions officers that they are not really serious about the items on their resume. If you are serious about getting into your #1 choice, you need to keep working hard and keep showing examples of leadership in your high school.


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