Guilty of Senioritis? College acceptance can be rescinded so don’t let it happen to you!

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Most of you have 1 month of school left in your high school career. You’ve received your acceptance letters. You’ve accepted one of your college offers and now you want to enjoy what’s left of your high school career. Enjoy with caution. Behavior opposite of what was on your college application can create a red flag and it might cause you to receive a “We regret to inform you…” letter. Receiving a letter revoking your acceptance means you are probably not going to college this year. By the time you receive this letter, it will be too late to apply to other colleges. The best rule to follow is if you are unsure about a certain activity or behavior that might cause a rescindment, DON’T do it. If you don’t have that inner dialogue in your head, here’s a list of things to stay away from before you go to college:

Drastic change in grades: If you were a straight A student, don’t become a straight C,D student.

Drastic change in attendance: If you had good high school attendance during your high school career, keep it up. Missing a few days here or there won’t set up red flags but anything more than that increases your risk.

Getting arrested: No drug & under-age alcohol violations, DUI

Getting expelled: possession of a firearm, use of a firearm, selling of illegal drugs, disruptive behavior on school grounds, violating school rules on and off grounds.

This year was one of the most competitive years in college admission history. This means that there are more people on the waiting list who would jump at the chance to take your spot. Don’t let this happen because of a few bad decisions. Use the same discernment you possessed to get you into your college of your dreams and don’t let senioritis get you down!



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