Narrowing the Pool, Part 2: Steps to take to make sure you are in that smaller pool

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college admission adviceOn Tuesday, we talked about how you can minimize your competition by putting yourself in a smaller pool. Identifying that pool was just the first step. Just mentioning your special skill, qualification, or accomplishment on your application is not enough. There are specific extra steps that you need to take to make sure you get put into that special smaller pool.

First, you need to be proactive and make the first move.

Don’t sit around and wait for somebody to come to you. Not all athletes fall into the category of being courted and recruited by several universities. For those who are sitting on the fence or those who attend a high school that traditionally doesn’t attract recruiters, you need to be proactive.

This goes for everybody with a special qualification, skill or accomplishment. You need to make the first move, the first connection. If you are an excellent writer, artist, or musician, I would highly recommend getting in touch with the head of that department. Make initial contact and tell him/her of your interest in that university and that particular program.

Second, send visual evidence of your special skill or qualification.

If you’re an athlete, that usually means game tape. With extremely user-friendly and free editing software, you should be able to make an enticing video of your greatest hits.

If you are a musician, you should provide a professional recording of your work.

If you are an artist, you should provide a professional portfolio.

if you are a writer, try to get your work published somewhere online. There are several websites, magazines that publish material all the time. The more professional your work, the more the admissions officers will take you seriously.

Presentation is key. Spend the extra time to create a professional portfolio or video. These days, software is cheap or free and easily accessible. If you still can’t afford it, take an after school job, raise some money and create something professional.

Third, include a list your credentials and awards with your visual piece.

Fourth, get somebody who is respected in that field to give you a referral or recommendation.

Having somebody who has respect in your special area “sell” you is much more effective than you selling yourself.

Fifth, submit the materials to the specific department at the university and develop a relationship with the head of that department.

Sixth, tell the admissions officer that you have submitted your material to the head of that department and follow up.

These are general steps you should take. Each university has a different protocol in which they want students to make their special qualifications known. I would highly suggest contacting alumni or currently enrolled students about how they got the attention of the admissions officers and/or head of the department. Your best advice will come from people who successfully were admitted with special qualifications that are similar to yours.



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