Having a Summer Worth Writing About: 4 Steps on how you can achieve that kind of a summer

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find summer jobsIt’s almost May and depending on what part of the country you live in, you have 1-2 months of school left. If you don’t know what you are going to do this summer, you should start planning NOW. Great summers are crucial in the college admissions process and planning is key to having a great summer. The summer is a time where you can do something extraordinary and unique. College admissions officers want to see in their candidates a leader. Someone who goes after what they want and doesn’t just perform the tasks they are “supposed” to do. High school is pretty much mandatory whether it be through the laws of the State or the laws of your parents. If you play hooky, then you get in trouble. However, summers are not mandatory. There aren’t any rules that say you have to work or do anything interesting in the summer. Most students probably just relax by the pool and watch TV. So this is where you can show your unique abilities and passions. Below are a few tips on how to have that summer worth writing about:

1. Mix passion and responsibility

Many students might have to work during the summer to help out with the family finances. Don’t think this puts you at a disadvantage. In fact, it shows that you have a sense of responsibility at a young age. However, you want to show more than just responsibility. Passion is another element that will complement responsibility so well. If you are working a summer job to pay some bills, try to also find a volunteer activity that you are passionate about. Usually volunteer activities are not so time-consuming so you don’t have to choose between the paying job or the volunteer job. It is highly possible to do both during the summer. Your “passion” job doesn’t even have to be volunteering. It’s whatever you are passionate about. If you are a filmmaker, make a short film. If you are a photographer, spend some time each week, taking some photographs.

2. Keep a journal

Due to the fast-paced world, we sometimes forget what we do every day. We might have had an amazing experience or conversation with somebody, but forget about it a month later. Don’t let that happen this summer so try to spend 5-10 minutes each day at the end of the day journaling. This way, when it comes to filling out your college application, you will have a ton of material in that journal to help write your college essay and your application.

3. Create relationships with people you work/volunteer for or with

Like I’ve said before, relationships are probably the most important part of career success. If you asked any successful individual about their success story, I will bet you that the majority of those individuals will mention a mentor or a person that really believed in them and helped them through their career. This relationship building should happen in high school. In the summer, you have a chance to meet and work with people who have finished what you are just about to start. You can learn more from other people’s experiences than from any textbook. Be inquisitive, ask questions, be humble and build relationships with older people who have already gone through what you are about to go through. For your “passion” job, you can also find a person in your city who you admire career wise and ask them if you can shadow them once or twice a week or volunteer at their organization or office.

4. Don’t be afraid of smarter and more experienced people

Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. Human beings are like sponges absorbing whatever is around them. So if you surround yourself with people who are smarter and more experienced, in turn, you will absorb some of that intelligence and experience. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to be elitist. I’m just saying don’t do the opposite. Don’t avoid people who are smarter, more experienced than you. These people will challenge you, take you out of your comfort zone but remember, when you are out of that comfort zone, that is when great things happen. Great things to write about…


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