Summers worth writing about: International Travel?

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cheapest student travelIn response to last week’s post about summer’s worth writing about, I received a lot of questions regarding international travel. If you can afford international travel, then I do believe having an abroad experience for one of your summers will help your college application. Just relaxing on the beach without doing anything productive might not but even if you go to a tropical island, there’s always so much to do and learn.

For instance, say you go to Belize. It’s full of sun, sand and water sports; however, it is also home to the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. You can scuba or snorkel the barrier reef and take pictures of interesting coral and different species of fish. You can also explore the ruins or visit the Smithsonian research institute. There’s always so much you can do on a “vacation” that can contribute to your learning experience. To go even further, search for organizations that you can volunteer with for a few days while you are down there. Meet the natives and really immerse yourself in the culture. Let your international travel broaden your perspectives and create unique experiences that will grow you as a person and also create interesting experiences that you can write about on your college application.

As promised, below are STA Travel coupon codes that will help pay for these international travel expenses. Go back to the previous post Saving Money in College: Travel on a Budget to learn more about saving money on travel.

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Check out our next posting which will be about study abroad programs.


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