Multiple Intelligences: Which one are you?

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admissions collegeLast week we talked about leadership and its growing importance in college admissions. We specifically talked about the moral characteristics of a true leader and why universities want to admit students who inspire and motivate others and not just ones who focus on themselves.

Since we talked about the character of a true leader last week, today I wanted to talk about the theory of multiple intelligences, a theory proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983.** The reason for this topic is that I have heard from many talented students that they didn’t believe they could ever be a leader in anything because they didn’t think they were smart enough.

As we enter into the holiday season, I wanted to give encouragement to students out there who don’t think they are good at anything just because they aren’t the traditional “good” students.

The theory of multiple intelligences helps students with that kind of attitude realize that they might be more intelligent than they think! This theory essentially states that there are many types of intelligence besides the two most obvious ones, linguistic and logical-mathematical, which are given the most attention in school.

I believe 50% of success is a person’s attitude. When students believe that they are intelligent or good at something, they are more inclined to work harder, rise to the challenge, and excel. So what are the multiple types of intelligence? All 9 of them are listed below:

– Spatial

– Linguistic

– Logical-mathematical

– Bodily -kinesthetic

– Musical

– Interpersonal

– Intrapersonal

– Naturalistic

– Existential

For example, Michael Jordan would be considered a “genius” of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. Bach of musical intelligence. President Obama of interpersonal intelligence. Amelia Earhart of spatial intelligence.

When you understand your type of intelligence and accept it, that’s when you can embrace who you are, what you are good at, and what you can contribute to your class, your school, and your community.

To learn more about your intelligence, the Birmingham Grid for Learning created a test online that will help you see what elements of your intelligence are the strongest.

Happy Thanksgiving!!



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