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This week we are going to focus on AP exams. These exams are right around the corner and not only do AP exams give you potential college credit but they are also a crucial part of your college application.

In 2007, there were a few studies performed in order to see the benefits of AP classes and exams. These studies showed “strong evidence of benefits to students who participate in both AP courses and exams in terms of higher GPAs, credit hours earned and four-year graduation rates.” 1 A separate University of Texas study of 24,941 students said those who used their AP credits to take more advanced courses in colleges had better grades in those courses than similar students who first took college introductory courses instead of AP in 10 subjects.” 2

With positive outcomes like these, don’t be holding your breath for these AP exams to go away. The top universities have made enrollment in AP classes virtual requirements for admission. Additionally, these universities are looking at AP scores just as much as your GPA and SAT score so preparation for these exams is crucial if you want to attend one of the nation’s selective universities.

This week will be discussing tips and strategies on how to prepare for the AP exams. This posting will focus on AP study materials.

There are tons of AP prep books out there and we highly recommend you utilizing these books and not just relying on your class material. Remember the AP exams are tests administered by the College Board, not your teacher so these books will help you study what will be on the exam.

Students have a hard time picking which book is the best. We’ve been asked by our students which “brand” of book is the best for AP prep. Unfortunately there isn’t one brand that is the best for every subject. Some brands do better at specific subjects and not so great with other subjects. Our staff has extensively researched and asked a pool of students which books they preferred and the list is below.

Biology: CliffsNotes

Calculus AB, BC: Barron’s

Chemistry: Princeton Review, Barron’s

English Language: CliffsAP

US Government & Politics: 5 Steps to a 5, Barron’s

Physics B, C: Princeton Review

U.S. History: REA

Statistics: Barron’s

1 Linda Hargrove and Barbara Dodd, University of Texas
2 Leslie Keng and Dodd, University of Texas

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