How do you achieve success? College is not the end. It’s just the beginning.

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Every now and then, I write a blog post that goes beyond the traditional strategies of getting into the college of your dreams. In this post, I want to challenge every student to think beyond college. I want you to think about why you are going to college. For most of you, you are going to college so that you can achieve success in your career and life.
College is a crucial element of that larger picture, and if you think of it that way it will not only let you get the most out of college when you are there but it will also make you a more attractive candidate to the colleges to which you are applying.

So how do you achieve success? To answer this question, let’s ask people who currently have or have had a successful career. I want to introduce you to TED talks if you don’t know about them already. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design. Started in 1984, The TED conference was formed to share “ideas worth spreading.” Speakers such as Bill Clinton, Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Gates, Al Gore, the founders of Google and film directors are only a few speakers that come to the conference and talk about various topics that fall into the realm of technology, entertainment and design. Since 2006, the talks have been offered free online. I encourage all of you to check out the free videos and open yourself to a world of ideas.

I wanted to share one extremely short video in particular since we are talking about achieving success. What better way to learn about how to achieve success then from people who are successful? Richard St. John interviewed 500 people from the TED conferene over the last 7 years and came up with a list of 8 secrets to success. Watch the video to learn about these 8 secrets:

8 Secrets to Success
1. Passion
2. Work
3. Good
4. Focus
5. Push
6. Serve
7. Idea
8. Persist


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