Top 6 Most Common Obstacles for College Freshmen: #6 Basic living skills

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College LivingStudents underestimate how much of a change college life is from high school life. The last 5 obstacles were usually on most prospective freshman’s radar; however, the last obstacle, basic living skills, is usually overlooked because well, it just seems so basic. Unfortunately, students don’t realize that these “basic” things aren’t so basic after all once they step foot into their new dorm room or apartment their freshmen year.

Below are a 5 “basic things” every prospective freshman should know before they leave their parent’s nest:

First, learn how to do laundry.

Below are the basic points. For more extensive instructions, click here.

– Sort clothes in piles of whites, bright colors and darks
– Whites can be washed in hot, warm and cold water
– Bright colors and darks need to be washed in cold water
– Pre-treat heavy stains
– Do not use a dryer for clothes that specifically state “Do not wash” “Hand Wash only”

Second, learn the “basics” of cooking.

Rule of thumb: If you can’t cook an egg, you probably need to take this summer to learn the basics. Click here for a good article on How to Learn the Cooking Basics.

Third, learn the “basics” of cleaning.

“A clean room leads to a clean mind”. This is a very common saying because it is true! This article from Zen Habits offers a good introduction to keeping your room and your mind clutter free.

Fourth, learn the “basics” of sewing.

Just because one button falls off, it doesn’t mean you have to throw away that shirt. Sewing a button is a very useful skill to possess. This article at WikiHow is a pretty good article that gives you step by step instructions.

Fifth, learn the “basics” of first aid.

Last but not least, you should know the basics of first aid. According to WikiHow, “Basic first aid refers to the initial process of assessing and addressing the needs of someone who has been injured or is in physiological distress due to choking, a heart attack, allergic reactions, drugs or alcohol or other medical emergencies. Basic first aid allows you to quickly determine a person’s physical condition and the correct course of treatment. You should always see professional medical help as soon as you are able, but following correct first aid procedure can be the difference between life and death.” Go to How To Do Basic First Aid on the WikiHow website to learn more about the basics of first aid.

If these tips are not enough, the best additional advice we can give you is ask your mom or dad:). They are pros.


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