COLLEGE TRANSFER: Part 3, Top Colleges that make it easy to transfer and those who don’t

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This week we are discussing college transfers. Earlier this week we talked about what a student should consider before applying for a transfer and how to plan a college transfer. Today’s post lists among the Top 25 nationally ranked colleges determined by US News and World Report, the top 5 public and private colleges that are transfer friendly as well as the bottom 5 transfer unfriendly colleges.

Friendly transfer schools


1. Vanderbilt University
2. University of Notre Dame
3. Emory University
4. Rice University
5. Northwestern University/Cornell University


1. University of Virginia
2. University of California – Los Angeles
3. University of California – Berkeley

Unfriendly transfer schools

1. Harvard University
2. Princeton University
3. Stanford University
4. Yale University
5. California Institute of Technology


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