COLLEGE TRANSFER: Part 2, Planning your college transfer

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transferring collegesIf you are still interested in transferring schools after reading the last post Things to consider before planning a college transfer, get ready to start planning and preparing for the transfer application. College transfer applications are just as rigorous as applying to college for the first time. On top of that, transfer admissions can be even more competitive than the regular admissions process. So if you are seriously considering transferring colleges, be sure to give it at least the same amount of time you gave your regular college applications. Below are few things to take note:

First, you must find out if you are even eligible to apply.

Most schools require a minimum GPA and a minimum amount of completed credits at the previous institution. Some schools won’t allow you to transfer if you surpass their maximum credit limit.

Second, you must figure out when you want to transfer and begin the application process at least 2 semesters before you intend to transfer. Some schools will only take transfers for the fall semester. Contact the admissions office of the school you would like to transfer to and find out all of the deadlines. Many times, transfer deadlines are usually different from regular admission deadlines.

Third, make sure you know exactly what is required in your transfer application. Transfer applications require more materials than the regular admissions. Transfer applications usually ask for an official college transcript from your current institution, letters of recommendation from a college professor, a Statement of Good Standing (“College Official’s Report) from the current institution in addition to the regular admissions requirements (application, essay, SAT/ACT scores, official high school transcript). Every school is slightly different so make sure you do research on the institution’s website as well as calling the school for confirmation.

Fourth, keep up your grades. Many universities reserve the right to rescind your transfer acceptance if you do not keep up your grades. Many transfer applications explicitly state “I understand all offers of admission are conditional, pending receipt of final transcripts showing successfully completed work that is comparable in quality to that upon which the offer was based.”

Fifth, investigate which college credits will transfer. Most of the times you will not find this information out until you are accepted into the new university; however, you can try and contact the new university prior to submitting your application to see what credits will officially transfer.


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