Be smart about Social Media: How Facebook can take away your college acceptance letter

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facebook privacy collegeIn response to my last post regarding avoiding college admission rescinsion, I received comments from several students and teachers from around the globe who have actually experienced admission rescinsion and had not violated any one of the list of things I stated in my last post. The main cause of their admission rescinsion was the exposure of questionable behavior via Social Media. More specifically, there were tagged photos of the students on Facebook participating in underage drinking. This is a very stupid mistake; unfortunately, it is a very common one and with competition higher than ever, be wary of one of your Facebook friends “accidentally” tagging you in one of these photos. This is not something to take lightly. If you don’t believe me, here’s one of the many articles that reports on a specific incident where a student had his admisson revoked from an Ivy League school after posting pictures showing him drinking alcohol. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here are few things you should start doing:

First, you can start with educating yourself on Facebook’s Privacy Settings. You should make this a rule of thumb for everything do. Don’t participate in anything unless you know the rules, policies and regulations.

Second, read articles that will educate you on how you can monitor your Facebook page and protect your privacy.

NY Daily News: Worried about your Facebook privacy? Six things you should know

All Facebook: 10 New Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know All

Third, get rid of all photos of you on Facebook that show you participating in any questionable behavior. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t currently have a function that allows approving a photo tag before it is tagged, but you can set your notifications so that you can always know when someone tags you in a photo.  Then, if you see that it is something you don’t want tagged, you can untag it right away. Even though you set your privacy settings so that only your friends can access your photos, you still need to get rid of all those photos. Do you really think all 600+ of your friends are completely loyal to you? If most of your friends are fellow high school seniors who may or may not have gotten into their school of choice, you never know what they are capable of doing. If you have any friends that you know will tag you in a photo that is questionable, block them or remove them as a friend. If you have any friends that you know might try to expose you, block them or remove them as a friend. Once a photo is out there, it can be easily saved onto any desktop, and photos can be easily submitted to an admissions office from anonymous senders.

Unfortunately, even if you follow the above 3 things, you are still not completely protected. The best way to avoid any risk is to just not participate in any illegal activity. That means no alchol, drugs, and for some of you, smoking. Even if you untag all photos and block certain people from Facebook, you still can’t prevent a picture being taken. Once that picture is taken, it can end up in anyone’s hands. Don’t let one night ruin your future.


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