Best College Jobs: It’s not all about the paycheck

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college student jobsYou know the saying “Time is money.” Well, when it comes to college jobs, both experience and contacts are “money” as well. What I mean by this is when you are looking for the “best” job in college, you need to consider three more things besides the size of the paycheck.

FIrst is TIME. Proximity to campus can not only save on gas but it also saves you commuting time which could be spent doing more valuable things like studying or socializing or participating in extracurriculars which will develop your leadership skills and/or give you connections.

Second is EXPERIENCE. If you can take a job that will give you hands on experience, that is more valuable than money. Future employers are always looking for students who have valuable internship experience. Most of the time, they are looking at that more than your grades, if they look at your grades at all.

Third is CONTACTS. Be strategic about your job choice. There are many jobs out there that will give you one on one time with important professors at your school. Professors are a great resource for future recommendations and/or future job opportunities. If you are thinking of applying to graduate school, you will need letters of recommendation. Working with a professor is an excellent way to build a strong relationship with him/her.

Below are 5 jobs that pay well as well as fulfill at least 1 out of these 3 intangibles:

1. Student Librarian
– Checking books out and putting them back, sometimes managing the computer systems.
– Pros: Flexible hours, lots of downtime to do homework.

2. Resident Assistant (RA)
– Upperclassmen who supervises and helps out with the every day functions of a dorm.
– Pros: Sometimes free room and board and stipend. Great leadership opportunity and looks good on resume.

3. Research/Lab Assistant
– Help a professor with research lab, gather data…etc.
– Pros: Great on resume, somewhat flexible hours, good one on one time with professors.

4. Tour Guide
– Involve showing visitors around and basically acting as an ambassador for your school.
– Pros: Flexible hours, Leadership/Interpersonal/public speaking skills experience, potential interaction with important guests and/or university staff.

5. On-campus IT support job
– Solving technical problems for other students and teachers as well as setting up computer infrastructure networks
– Pros: Usually good pay, great hands-on experience, interpersonal skills experience.


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